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Ian Pryor

78 Shenton Way #06-01 Singapore 079120

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Ian Pryor is a trust worthy financial planner providing expert financial advice to expatriates and high net worth individuals in Singapore and Asia. A Singapore Permanent Resident, Ian has been in Asia for over a decade and has a wealth of experience in financial services.  Professionally he is highly qualified in numerous jurisdictions including Singapore, Hong Kong and the UK.  As such he can advise across all areas of economics, finance, financial planning and portfolio management, making him one of the region’s top and most complete financial advisers.


Ian is also keen on charity work and philanthropy and his family has their own charitable foundation, The Pryor Foundation, focusing on helping disabled and under privileged children.  He spearheads a lot of IPP’s Corporate Social Responsibility and is involved in numerous charitable projects around the world.


Out of the office Ian is a social golfer and tennis player and likes the challenge of endurance sports having completed a number of marathons and a 50km trail run. His love for the outdoors and testing his personal boundaries extends to mountains and he has successfully summited Mount Kilimanjaro (the world’s tallest freestanding mountain) and Mount Elbrus (the highest point in Europe).  He also enjoys travelling, food, wine, cigars and whiskey.  Ian is interested in horology and is an avid watch collector.  

  • CPF Investments

  • Medisave & Medishield

  • SRS Investments

  • Multi-Currency Wealth Management

  • Alternative Investments

  • Stocks, bonds & Structured Products

  • ETFs

  • Written Financial Plans

  • UK Tax Planning Solutions

  • Investments for US non-residents

  • Retirement Planning

  • University and school fee planning

  • Life Insurance

  • Health Insurance

  • Legacy & Estate Planning

  • Corporate Pensions

  • Australian Tax Planning Solutions


MAS Appointed Representative No. IJP100060850


Capital Markets & Financial Advisory Services Singapore – Singapore College of Insurance:

M5 – Rules & Regulations for Financial Advisory Services

M8 – Collective Investment Schemes

M8a – Collective Investment Schemes II

M9 – Life Insurance & Investment-linked Policies

M9a – Life Insurance & Investment-linked Policies II

HI – Health Insurance


Capital Markets & Financial Advisory Services Singapore – The Institute of Banking & Finance Singapore:

M6 – Securities Products & Analysis

M6a – Securities & Futures Product Knowledge


BA(Hons) Economics

ChFC Level 1 (Financial Planning & Investments) - Singapore College of Insurance

International Certificate in Wealth Management – Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (UK)

Securities & Futures Regulation – Hong Kong Securities Institute

Regulation of Securities – Hong Kong Securities Institute

Certificate in Asset Management - Wharton, University of Pennsylvania


Private Client Advisory Stock Broker

Hoodless Brennan PLC

2005 - 2006


Institutional Equity Sales


DBS Vickers Securities

2005 - 2005


Managing Partner, Expat Advisory  (Singapore)


IPP Financial Advisers Pte Ltd

2008 - Present


Business Coordinator and Advisor


Inter Alliance International

2006 - 2008


Client Testimonials

"I’ve known Ian for 5 years now I think. What started as a fairly professional standard advisor client relationship has now morphed to a warm candid funny partnership, and that’s testament to Ian’s demeanour, his attitude to his clients - it’s never a sell; his openness to explore alternative options to his own advice is a real asset. He is calm. Professional. Curious. Well read. Always comes prepared. Very patient. (I can be very disorganised and he just rolls with it!). He approaches his clients with professional warmth and I’ve really enjoyed working with him for the past 5 years. You will be in great hands with Ian!"

- Joan Collar, Managing Director, MercerMarshBenefits Asia Regional Leader - Marsh Singapore


"I have known Ian Pryor professionally for a period of 4 years. During this time, Ian has provided me valuable insight, financial advice and looked after my portfolio with the impeccable professionalism and integrity. I have no hesitation endorsing Ian for his unique skill set and talents. He is an asset and credit to IPP Financial Advisers." 

- Lionel Tay, Partner - Rajah & Tann Singapore

"Ian is professional, comprehensive and really takes the time to understand your investment needs. We've been working together for almost a year, and what I really love is his proactive, innovative approach to investments. I highly recommend working with him." 


Pete Nuchanatanon, Head of YouTube Subscriptions Marketing, APAC - Google


"Ian has been helping me for 9 years with pre retirement planning and the associated investment management whilst I lived in Singapore and in the last year transitioning back to the UK and post retirement planning. He continues to support my investment management needs now that I am based in the UK with the aid of technology, even though face to face contact is now more limited. Ian is knowledgeable, thoughtful and a good listener as well as being organised and responsive."

-Christopher Allen, Principal - KPMG

"Ian is switched on, reliable and provides clear, concise and very helpful advice. He is responsive, proactive and has been a great help. He takes a long view and invests in the relationship."

- Emmanuel Hadjidakis, Chair of the Global Acquisition Finance Committee - Baker McKenzie Wong & Leow

"Ian, many thanks for all the help and advice over the years, it's a refreshing change from past advisers I've seen. I believe it's my turn to buy you lunch next time!"   

- Duncan Martin, Managing Director - ASC Chartering Pte Ltd

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Quality Investing

To answer the second part of the question is easier. In short, it seems to have led to better returns than the general stock market over a long period of time and is investing in its most simplest form.


"Corona Crash"​ - Stocks, economies and now oil suffer from a virus. Part 1 of 2

The past few weeks have been crazy, and expensive! Governments are spending Billions and investors have lost Trillions. This is Part 1 of 2, as I want to get this out there. So quickly....


Will the bull market continue or is this the start of the bear market?

2017 saw the the S&P 500 return +21.80% and the start of this year, the raging bull continued on up. However, the upward surge was abruptly interrupted at the end of January after hitting a high on the 26th...

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What has historically happened to the S&P 500 after a 4% one day drop?

Warren Buffett once said "What we learn from history is that people don't learn from history". He was referring to fear and greed and the most common mistake repeated consistently - thinking that "this time it's different"! 

0 (2).jpeg

To quote Donald Rumsfeld, the former US defence secretary: “There are known knowns. These are things that we know. There are known unknowns.

0 (3).jpeg

Will the Greeks be using the Euro or the Drachma?  We will have a clearer picture tomorrow. 

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will the 'Greferendum' lead to a 'Grexit'? - what next for Greece?

Greece defaulted on its payments back to the IMF and joined the ranks of Zimbabwe and Sudan, and its European bailout expired.  Not a great day! 

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US GDP grows 3.9% in Q3 - are rate hikes now imminent?

The US economy beat analyst expectations and grew more than expected in Q3.

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