Graduate Program

About to graduate University and looking to secure a full-time job in financial services?

We are currently hiring talented young individuals who are looking to start their career in financial services. Out graduate program will first train you in sales & business development with the aim of preparing you for when you pass you CMFAS exams and are ready to begin your journey as a financial consultant.
During the program you will learn:

  • Business Development Skills

  • Sales Skills

  • Lead Generation

  • Local & International Client relationship management

  • IPP Client & Investment Process

Upon successful completion of this gradute program and your CMFAS exams you will be offered the chance to enter our IPP Financial Representative Training program which, will train you how to be technically and professionally competent in a wide range of comprehensive financial services, with a focus on specialized services. Our two-stage training process will ensure that you are well equipped to succeed at IPP and flourish in the financial services industry. You will also benefit from the continuous support of our corporate divisions and Advisory Group Partners who will help you to develop and grow your business.

Benefits include:


  • Basic Salary plus monthly bonuses 

  • Access to company events and top quality training

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